An unforgettable gastronomic experience that conquered our palates and hearts

Italian journalist and traveler Davide de Corzent ( about a visit at Albertina restaurant in Krakow: Immersed in the marvelous historic center of Krakow, a UNESCO heritage site, the Albertina Restaurant elegantly combines modern design with a touch of the past. With its splendid exposed brick walls, wooden furniture, and fresh flower vases on every table, the ambiance is truly captivating. However, it’s the cuisine that steals the show, pleasantly surpassing all expectations.

The Michelin Guide Recognizes Poland’s Culinary Masters in Warsaw, Krakow and Poznan

How can the presence of Michelin-starred and Michelin-recognized restaurants influence the decisions of event planners, meeting planners, and international congress planners when selecting future event destinations? The recognition of Michelin stars and Michelin-recognized restaurants can indeed have an impact on decision-makers when making choices for future events.

Can you find restaurants from Poland in the Michelin Guide?

Yes, you can! The esteemed Michelin Guide, known worldwide for its discerning palate, has concluded its meticulous assessment of culinary establishments deserving of recognition. Following an exhaustive evaluation by its seasoned inspectors, three exceptional restaurants have been bestowed with the highly coveted “stars,” while an additional seven have earned the esteemed Bib Gourmand recognition.

Furthermore, an impressive total of 39 establishments have been recommended by the guide. The prestigious Michelin Plaque award ceremony, a celebration of gastronomic excellence, is scheduled to take place on June 27 in the enchanting city of Poznań.

June 19, 2023, marks a momentous date for restaurateurs in Warsaw, Kraków, and Poznań, creating a pivotal moment in Polish gastronomy history. The full Polish selection – from recommended restaurants to great value Bib Gourmand and Michelin Starred establishments – is available on the MICHELIN Guide website.


MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View: A sophisticated modern restaurant with a basement wine bar; 32 wines are available by the glass thanks to the Enomatic wine system. Menus show the chef’s passion for hunting and fishing – venison is a speciality and they have their own lobster tank. Eye-catching dishes capture the ingredients’ true flavours. MICHELIN Guide Inspectors

Petit Futé 2023 – Albertina

We are pleased to announce that ALBERTINA Restaurant & Wine has been included in the publication of the new Petit Futé „Cracovie” edition 2023.

L’avis du Petit Futé sur ALBERTINA RESTAURANT & WINE: Réputé sur la scène gastronomique, l’Albertina séduit par sa carte de son chef, pensée pour ses accords mets et vins (le caviste viendra entre chaque plat vous en suggérer un nouveau). Le menu met en avant la richesse du terroir polonais, avec une belle part accordée au gibier et au poisson. On y mange très bien, les plats gastronomiques sont maîtrisés et la présentation agréable. La décoration, très (trop ?) sobre, vous permet de vous concentrer sur votre repas. Prenez un dessert.


Albertina Restaurant & Wine – Restaurant Kraków, Poland. WHITE STAR VENUE – Albertina Restaurant & Wine has a wine list approved by Star Wine List, and is therefore listed as a White Star.

5 questions à… Barbara Zamorska

5 pytań do… Barbary Zamorskiej, właścicielki restauracji Albertina w Krakowie.

Artykuł z cyklu “5 pytań do…” dla Destination PologneAutor: Julien Hallier.


Crème de la crème of restaurants in Krakow

Crème de la crème of restaurants in Krakow. A visit to each of them is a real feast for the senses. You can be accompanied by our Tour Leader during your dining, who will tell you the history of Krakow’s cuisine. The best restaurants in Krakow – we have selected for you restaurants, which should not be missed during the visit in the City of Kings. Their excellent Polish cuisine is the one to try with no doubts.

Albertina Restaurant & Wine – the restaurant is an absolutely unique culinary concept in Krakow, born from passion for wine and the art of cooking. In particular, however, it emerged from the desire to promote food & wine pairing in Krakow. ‘Following the rule that excellent cuisine may come into being only with excellent ingredients, the unchangeable basis for every menu consists of carefully selected, seasonal, and local products, as well as always available fresh seafood from the own lobster tank’.

Fine dining is a culinary spectacle perfectly combining the extraordinary taste and respect for products with sublime atmosphere and perfect service.

Source: Mertz Travel Poland – Private tours. Premium transfers. Unique places.

The Best Chef & ALBERTINA

“The Best Chef” is a project whose mission is to bring together all food lovers from around the world and create a community of all those for whom food is a passion. Its aim is to promote the best chefs around the world. The creators, Joanna Ślusarczyk and Cristian Gadau, present the profiles, philosophy and daily life of the chefs to the general public – enthusiasts of good cuisine – and organise a world-renowned competition.  The social media profile of The Best Chef has 1.4 million followers. See photos of dishes from Albertina’s menu and a video with Grzegorz Fic the Chef filmed as part of “The Best Chef Meets” presentation. Twitter:

Gastronomie: Le chef polonais Grzegorz Fic au piano à limoges

Invité de la 8e biennale Toques & porcelaine à Limoges, le chef étoilé à la tête de L’Albertina à Cracovie en Pologne a animé un atelier culinaire spécial Populaire du Centre ce dimanche à Limoges.

Depuis 15 ans, Grzegorz Fic officie dans les restaurants les plus prestigieux de Cracovie en Pologne, dont L’Albertina. Découvert par la délégation limougeaude invitée au rassemblement des Villes créatives de l’Unesco l’an passé, le chef étoilé polonais a fait montre de son talent ce week-end à Limoges pour cette 8e édition de Toques & porcelaine.


Our first choice for dinner last night at Art Restaurant went sideways unfortunately so off we went to option two, which luckily wasn’t too far off. And pierogi was on the menu. Albertina was in lists of recommended places in Krakow and from how it looked online it was definitely worth a detour. I held our first dinner out in Poland with much anticipation – from the much-talked about low prices to the great food and service (…)