French style beef by chef Grzegorz Fic

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The latest issue of “Nowości Gastronomiczne” magazine includes an article by the chef and co-owner of ALBERTINA Restaurant & Wine Grzegorz Fic:

I have no doubt that beef is cooked in many Polish homes. And it is not surprising, because it’s fantastic, varied taste is appreciated by the best chefs in the world, for example Pierre Gagnaire. This year, during my internship at his restaurant at the Hotel Balzac in Paris, which has three Michelin stars, I noticed that this unquestionable master always combines beef with seasonal fruit, and his menu always includes many unobvious dishes with beef, such as steak in beef tongue gravy or a “surf & turf” idea of serving beef tenderloin with lobster tail.

Full text of the article: Nowości Gastronomiczne – French style beef by chef Grzegorz Fic