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Visit Dominikańska 3. A very special place is waiting for you!

26 February 2017

Krakow… Every time I’m here, the city surprises and delights me with something new, which then stays with me for a long time. I went there recently to experience the unique atmosphere of Krakow again, to do some shopping at the market, and just to walk around the little streets and enjoy the Old Town. The weather wasn’t very inviting – windy and rainy – so we quickly decided to find warmth and food in some original place. When I saw the beautiful Krakow nativity scene in the window of Albertina Restaurant & Wine at Dominikańska street, my intuition told me it would be a good choice, and we went in. It was a bit like love at first sight – Albertina put a spell on me, and I soon realized why. It is a place completely defined by the passion of people who really love what they do.

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TOP 10 fine dining restaurants in Krakow

17 February 2017

Albertina among TOP 10 fine dining restaurants in Krakow!

Would you like to have an excellent dinner in beautiful surroundings? Are you looking for an exceptional place for a date? Check out the list of top ten fine dining restaurants in Krakow!

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The best restaurants in Krakow

1 February 2017

The best restaurants in Krakow with Albertina Restaurant & Wine. The restaurants in Krakow are largely aimed at tourists, with promotion girls often employed to entice people in of the street, however with a bit of research, like our list below, compiled from our own reviews together with those from Michelin and Gault & Millau Polska, you can find some fantastic restaurants serving some of the best food in Poland.

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Albertina recommended by Petit Futé 2017

21 January 2017

We are pleased to announce that Albertina Restaurant & Wine has been included in the 2017 edition of the prestigious travel guide Petit Futé Cracovie.

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Lobsters and wine at the heart of Krakow

19 January 2017

Where, how, and with whom is it best to spend your free time? The Weranda magazine – Weranda Weekend 11/2016 provides the answer in the article Lobsters and wine at the heart of Krakow, recommending Albertina Restaurant & Wine. According to the author, the restaurant is armed with powerful weapons: the wine cellar with the Enomatic wine serving system, and the lobster tank with fresh seafood – the only one in Krakow.

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The most noteworthy restaurants opened in 2016 in Krakow

16 January 2017

ALBERTINA Restaurant & Wine. There is still a lot of time to Albertina’s first birthday, but it has already been mentioned alongside the most important restaurants in the city. Of course, fine dining must prevail as it shows the path and creates trends followed by smaller players, and Albertina does more than that. The importance of food pairing is greatly appreciated there, and you can learn a lot about it. What is more, if anyone tries to convince you that wine must be poured at the table, take him to Albertina to try the Enomatic wine serving system.

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10 best dishes of 2016

6 January 2017

This is one of the most important posts on my blog – a summary and a list of the best dishes from Krakow restaurants which I reviewed in 2017. The list has room for both street food and fine dining, because what matters on it most are the excellent taste and excitement of food.

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Cracow the Best: Albertina Restaurant & Wine

20 December 2016

Albertina Restaurant & Wine is a unique spot on the culinary map of Krakow. Located in the very heart of the city, the restaurant lures with unparalleled interior character, carefully arranged menu, and excellent selection of wines from all over the world.

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When 2+2=5. Food & wine pairing at Albertina Restaurant & Wine

18 December 2016

Food & wine pairing is a domain which is constantly developing, and thanks to places such as Albertina in Krakow, everyone can finally learn what it is all about. Located at Dominikańska street, Albertina is a true pearl on the culinary map of Krakow. It is not only because of the dishes served by the chef Grzegorz Fic, nor the fact that it was awarded two Gault & Millau hats only six months after opening. Albertina educates its guests, and has become a true inspiration for the development of the restaurant market in Krakow.

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Fic. Grzegorz Fic. And Albertina Restaurant & Wine!

7 December 2016

The interior is beautiful, the menu is delicious, and everything is in order. Albertina Restaurant & Wine is an elegant place where you can have a great time while enjoying one of the best meals ever. There is no doubt that the food here is a result of innovative solutions, rich flavours, open minds, and original techniques.

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Albertina in Gault & Millau 2017

29 November 2016

The premiere of the Yellow Guide Gault & Millau 2017.
We are pleased to announce that Albertina Restaurant & Wine has been included in the 2017 edition of the yellow guide Gault & Millau – Best Restaurant in Poland.
Gault & Millau is next to Michelin one of the most influential restaurant guides in the world.

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Fine dining – what is it?

2 September 2016

Fine Dining Week has just come to an end – a special edition of Restaurant Week where guests could taste five-course menus at some of the most exclusive restaurants of Warsaw and Krakow.
The festival here was fantastic, and we have the award for the restaurant with the best atmosphere in Krakow to prove it. After all, atmosphere is the most important thing. We had a multitude of guests, something their curiosity must have contributed to, as the restaurant was opened less than a year ago…

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1 September 2016

Albertina Restaurant & Wine has become another (after the marvellous Senses) must-visit at Dominikańska street. The concept of the restaurant is very appealing, and there are a few aspects which make it stand out (such as their own lobster tank, and the modern Enomatic wine serving system). As a lover of mature, conscious fine dining cuisine and good wine, I couldn’t miss it!

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Smaki Krakowa competition. When fine dining is treasured.

23 August 2016

Minimalist – this word is often used to describe the new menu at the elegant and sophisticated Albertina restaurant. It is a menu where you can find wild boar ravioli, heifer cheeks, octopus with homemade trout sausage, and redfish with black tagliatelle. Impressive, isn’t it?

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Four days in Krakow, and a Wedding

11 August 2016

Four days in Krakow, and a Wedding by M. L. Longworth.
We got away from the main squares, where there are many touristy restaurants, and fell upon by chance Albertina, a restaurant we would almost travel back to Krakow to eat in. Contemporary cuisine with Polish ingredients, including trout caught in rivers in a nearby national park. Oh, and each dish came paired with wines, two of which were Polish whites!

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