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3 August 2016

The restaurant at the corner of Dominikańska and Poselska streets in Krakow offers fine dining again. In the middle of August, in place of Ancora restaurant, Albertina Restaurant & Wine opened its doors to guests. Albertina’s offer includes fresh lobsters and oysters from their own lobster tank, original dishes created by the chef Grzegorz Fic, and a superb selection of 32 wines sold by the glass from the Enomatic Elite self-service wine dispensers, which you will not see anywhere else in Poland.

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ALBERTINA in Krakow – review

31 July 2016

The place of the legendary Ancora was taken by Albertina. There were great expectations towards the new project, as the previous one set the bar very high and left behind a void in the market which was felt for a long time. While the dusty space freed up by Ancora was patiently awaiting new owners, Adam Chrząstowski, its former chef, achieved spectacular success at the steak house he opened nearby with a partner. Ed Red attracted not only the old, loyal admirers of Chrząstowski’s talent, but also more and less knowledgeable connoisseurs of meat.

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Albertina Restaurant & Wine

6 July 2016

The new Albertina in Krakow opened at a perfect location, which used to be occupied by the fantastic Ancora restaurant, well known to all enthusiasts of excellent cuisine. Albertina’s press release joyfully announces that “fine dining is back at Dominikańska street, and I share this joy with all my heart.

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Albertina Restaurant & Wine – a new restaurant in Krakow

21 June 2016

Albertina opened a few months ago, at a location where Ancora finished its run a few years ago.
A new restaurant with a new menu, new people, and the chef Grzegorz Fic, who used to work at Trzy Rybki/Hotel Stary. You will find here the first lobster tank, and the first Enomatic wine serving system in Krakow.

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A new restaurant opened, with the first lobster tank in Krakow

4 June 2016

Live lobsters and the first in Poland self-service wine dispenser – this is what Albertina wants to win the hearts of Krakow with. At the location of the famous Ancora, it officially opened its doors for good on Friday.

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Albertina Restaurant & Wine – Krakow

3 June 2016

The newly opened Albertina restaurant in Krakow attracts guests with original cuisine, seasonal produce, and a wide choice of wine sold by the glass, made possible with the self-service Enomatic wine dispensers. Is it worth visiting Dominikańska street and trying the food and wine pairings it offers?

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FROBLOG – Albertina Krakow

12 May 2016

Wine pairing with only 25 ml in a glass? You could think it is wine pairing for drivers, but such a convenient portion makes it possible to just take a sip and, if you like the wine, you can order a more traditional 125 ml or 75 ml glass. The idea was introduced to the menu at Albertina, opened recently at Dominikańska street, where Ancora closed at the beginning of last year. Fine dining is therefore back at Dominikańska, and, while I was in Krakow, I went there to see if the dining is really so fine there.

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Albertina Restaurant & Wine – fine dining is back at Dominikańska!

9 May 2016

Until recently, the windows of the establishment at Dominikańska street were covered with milky foil bearing the name Ancora, the last reminder of the restaurant closed a good few months ago. However, at the beginning of the year, things started to change. The foil was removed, and the old address of one of the most important restaurants in Krakow began appearing on social networks with a new name – Albertina.

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