The Michelin Guide Recognizes Poland’s Culinary Masters in Warsaw, Krakow and Poznan

How can the presence of Michelin-starred and Michelin-recognized restaurants influence the decisions of event planners, meeting planners, and international congress planners when selecting future event destinations? The recognition of Michelin stars and Michelin-recognized restaurants can indeed have an impact on decision-makers when making choices for future events.

Can you find restaurants from Poland in the Michelin Guide?

Yes, you can! The esteemed Michelin Guide, known worldwide for its discerning palate, has concluded its meticulous assessment of culinary establishments deserving of recognition. Following an exhaustive evaluation by its seasoned inspectors, three exceptional restaurants have been bestowed with the highly coveted “stars,” while an additional seven have earned the esteemed Bib Gourmand recognition.

Furthermore, an impressive total of 39 establishments have been recommended by the guide. The prestigious Michelin Plaque award ceremony, a celebration of gastronomic excellence, is scheduled to take place on June 27 in the enchanting city of Poznań.

June 19, 2023, marks a momentous date for restaurateurs in Warsaw, Kraków, and Poznań, creating a pivotal moment in Polish gastronomy history. The full Polish selection – from recommended restaurants to great value Bib Gourmand and Michelin Starred establishments – is available on the MICHELIN Guide website.