Undoubtedly the best lobsters and oysters in town. Experience the taste of true freshness!

Albertina is a seafood restaurant in Kraków – with the largest and only lobster and oyster restaurant in Kraków. Guests have been appreciating their quality combined with Chef Grzegorz Fic’s creativity for years. The restaurant is one of the few in Poland which prepares dishes for its guests in such a way. The uncompromising freshness of lobsters and seafood from our lobster house is a priority. Our guests can taste the world’s best Canadian lobsters and excellent quality European lobsters (wild blue lobsters) fished in Scotland, Sweden, Great Britain and the North Sea. Plus Pacific Fine de Claire oysters and Gillardeau oysters.

Dinner at the Albertina Restaurant & Wine in Crakow just off the market square is the perfect idea for a romantic dinner or an original proposal.

It has been known for centuries that seafood – lobsters and oysters – are known as aphrodisiacs. It is said that they can be helpful in making your relationship with your partner more attractive and raising the level of the amorous atmosphere. Their properties – according to legends – were already known by Aphrodite herself. Combined with wine from our original menu, they will make the perfect couple.


Albertina is a must-visit place on the trail of culinary visits to Krakow where you can try the best seafood cuisine in Krakow combined with cuisine drawn from the Polish culinary tradition. Grzegorz Fic with his team and our sommeliers use local products and combine them with wines from esteemed winemakers. 

Lobsters in Cracow

At the Albertina, we have always respected and promoted our culinary heritage without forgetting that Krakow has always been an open and modern city, with the best and sophisticated products from the world coming to the nearby Wawel Castle over the centuries. Hence the seafood – perfectly fresh lobsters, oysters and scallops. Because very good cuisine can be created only with the use of excellent quality products, those both Polish from the immediate vicinity and those from afar.

Albertina Homary w Krakowie

"Lobster is a summer delicacy"

– are told by Barbara Zamorska Restaurateur and Grzegorz Fic Chef. But not only about it. You can read about its qualities, taste, home cooking and wine pairing here.