Wine has a special place in Albertina and is an inseparable element of our culinary range.

In our restaurant, we love both the food and the wine. To us, it is true art where the two elements interact and complement each other. Their pairing is crucial for the perception of the whole. This harmony of two worlds is the responsibility of our sommeliers, Kajetan Zalewski and Maciej Wiczkowski. The effect of their bold selections is a creative and varied wine list from legendary wine-producing countries and others that appear less frequently in restaurants, like Poland, and a seasonally changing original collection of 32 wines available by the glass from Coravin and Enomatic® wine dispensers.

June / Summer 2024

Wine pairing for tasting menu

A set of specially selected wines in this wine pairing – is a journey through lesser-known but oh-so-fascinating wine regions. A respect for tradition and, at the same time, a modern approach to cultivation and wine production. A real adventure for the wine lover.
An absolute “must have” for every lover of great wines! The most famous appellations, the best producers and, above all, wines in tasting-ready vintages. True mastery in a glass.

Wines by the glass

Sparkling wines
White wines


Red wines


Dessert Wines
Fortified wines

Our sommeliers


An award-winning sommelier and manager with professional experience drawing on the best gastronomic concepts in Poland. He selects wines in Polish restaurants with a Michelin star – Atelier Amaro in Warsaw and Bottiglieria 1881 – the first restaurant in Kraków awarded this prestigious title. Finalist of the 2018 Polish Young Sommelier Championship. In June 2021, he was awarded the Prix au Sommelier by the Parisian Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie. He is also a member of the Association of Polish Sommeliers.

In the sommelier team of Albertina, he assembles an original wine list, which includes the best quality wines of classical winemaking in Europe and the Hidden Gems, tailored to the menu created by Chef Grzegorz Fic. Kajetan is always looking for wines that complement our dishes to create a unique experience. As he says about himself, “My favourite wine is the wine that I haven’t tasted yet”.

Maciej Wiczkowski

Assistant head sommelier. Co-creator of the creative ideas in the formula of “wine pairing by Albertina”, gained his wine experience steadily by working as a specialist in wine shops, a bartender and a sommelier in well-known restaurants in Kraków, acquiring specialist knowledge of wine. He holds the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level 3 Certificate. As he says about himself, “My favourite wine is champagne for breakfast on my day off”.


Author's wine from Wieliczka vineyard

The “Albertina Restaurant & Wine” restaurant, which I created with Chef Grzegorz Fic, is a special concept for me. We have combined the formula of modern fine dining, using only the best and unprocessed local products with wines of our choice. We are convinced that wine pairing, i.e. combining wine and food, will be an experience our guests will not forget.

True passion, enriched with professional experience, which has guided us from the beginning, is the best foundation for extraordinary projects. Such a project is our proprietary wine with no accidental name, “Albertina Chardonnay” – in the vintages of 2016, 2017 and 2018. It was created with the cooperation of one of the best Polish vineyards – Wieliczka Vineyard, run by Agnieszka Rousseau and Piotr Jaskóła, well-known and respected Polish winemakers. Their winemaking philosophy is particularly close to us: from the beginning, the vineyard has been run biodynamically, i.e. without using chemical plant protection products, with respect for nature, creating a natural ecosystem. The maximum use of nature’s potential aligns with the priorities we follow as owners. Personal involvement in the production process of our wine also gives us great satisfaction that we can serve our guests such an exceptional wine.

The lobster on the original label symbolises a conscious, balanced suggestion of wine pairing – a fundamental principle prevailing at our restaurant. Only a 30-minute drive, 15 km from Albertina, and we are on a hill in Pawlikowice in the Wieliczka Winery – with a unique view of the mountains. This is where our wine is made. Highly recommended. – Barbara Zamorska, a restaurateur.

Fine Dining
the plain air

“Fine Dining in the Outdoors” is our original, cyclical project of dinners to which we invite guests outside the city – as close to nature as possible, in a breathtaking location nearby. We have initiated the first event of this type in the entire region, and similar events are organised almost exclusively by the most prestigious restaurants in the world. What sets this series apart is their unique locations – we have already visited the Wieliczka Vineyard, the Srebrna Góra Vineyard and the heart of the Ojców National Park (by the Ojcowski Trout fish ponds). Chef Grzegorz Fic and his team invited well-known Chefs to prepare a special seasonal menu based on the highest quality natural ingredients, using organic products created by passionate people.

Łukasz Cichy, Marcin Sołtys, Krzysztof Żurek, Miłosz Kowalski and Michał Kuter have already cooked with us. These are performances in extraordinary natural surroundings, in the spirit of slow food, breaking the patterns of perception of gastronomy. You never forget this: it is fine dining in unusual circumstances, a menu based on local products and carefully selected wines by our sommeliers, culinary experience, views as far as the horizon with the setting sun and an atmosphere in the spirit of slow life. We invite you to the next edition of this alfresco dining event.


The right choice of wine for the menu is of special importance to us. We work with the best winemakers and suppliers of wines and spirits from around the world. The result of Albertina’s sommeliers’ work is an original and original wine list, which is appreciated and awarded in industry rankings.

Our wine list has been awarded prestigious back awards including:


Wine Spectator 2019
Award of Exellence

„This restaurant is honored by Wine Spectator for having an outstanding wine list”


White Star
on Star Wine List

„Albertina Restaurant & Wine has a wine list approved by Star Wine List, and is therefore listed as a White Star”



From its inception in Albertina, we have focused on food & wine pairing, the art of harmoniously combining wine with food. It is a creative search for combinations in the form of complementary or contrasting aromas and flavours – all to make the culinary experience as complete as possible. With the knowledge and expertise of the Sommeliers and the Chef of Albertina, our wine pairing knows no limits. The unique self-service Enomatic® wine dispenser system also enhances it. In Albertina, there is the most extensive system of this type in Poland (32 wines by the glass), creating the opportunity to taste wines from around the world without having to buy the whole bottle, which in the case of costly wines or wines that guests do not know yet, is an undoubted advantage and brings educational value. All 32 wines from this unique collection are available to guests in our atmospheric wine cellar. Albertina’s sommeliers will take care of the guests at all times and suggest a selection of wine for each item on the menu card to delight and surprise both beginners and advanced wine enthusiasts.


Which wine to pair with...?
Albertina sommeliers recommend:

Pair game with dry red wine aged in a Merlot barrel, such as the legendary Bordeaux or Rioja

For baked trout, choose a light, dry white wine with crisp acidity from the Sauvignon Blanc variety or Riesling

Pair oysters with a salty or sweet wine, e.g. Champagne or Ice wine